Use of the function keys

functions-keys¬†Use of the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc …)

Are aligned at the top of your keyboard and many users have not ever used, but what use actually called function keys?

A correct definition would be that for these keys are programmable keys that are used for some programs that allocate certain actions.

But the repeated use of a specific action in certain programs that have some function keys are standard for the vast majority of programs (Eg: F1 is usually used to access help for the programs)

But do not forget that the role of each of the keys is determined by the operating system or application that is running.

In many cases the user will only know the usefulness of these keys in Windows:

F1 – Open the Help menu
F2 – Rename a file
F3 – open the Windows search
F4 – Display the Address bar of Explorer
F5 – Refresh the Windows Explorer
F6 – move between the elements of a window
F10 – Select from the menu bar
F11 – Set the window to full screen

For example I often use when surfing with Firefox …

F1 Open Help menu
F3 – scroll through search results (after using Ctrl + F)
Ctrl + F4 – Close tab
F5 – Refresh the page
Ctrl + F5 – Refresh removing the cache (one of the most use)
F6 – Select the address bar
F7 – Cursor Mode (One of the great unknown)

I leave with you a question, Which Function key you use most of time

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