Running for weight loss

Once the snow melts, while the geese return from the South, you can see the riders en bloc Quebecois out of their dens. They take stormed trails parks, country roads and even the streets of downtown. It is said that this spring they have never been so many. Are you the group?
Running for weight loss
“There is currently a kind of resurgence. Running has democratized. It no longer only for performance, but above all to get fit, “says Stéphane Lachapelle, president of the Club of riders on road to Mont Saint-Bruno. He remembers the time not so long ago, when the riders were the subject of mockery. “We saw them as aliens.” Any more.

An estimated one in four Quebecers, at 15 years and older, runs at least once a year, according to the Enquête québécoise on physical activities, sports and leisure, published in December 2006. Of these, 75% practice run on a regular basis. It is one of the 10 physical activity most popular walking and cycling at the top.

“Running is accessible and inexpensive. One only has to buy a good pair of shoes. The calorie is large and the effects of coaching are fast. If one starts from zero, we can feel the benefits within six weeks ago, “says Lecot, race coach and visiting professor of kinesiology at the University of Montreal.

Marathon Oasis de Montreal, the number of riders registered increases of 30% per year since 2003. Last year, 9800 riders traveled the streets of the metropolis at this event which offers courses of 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km and 42.2 km. “If the trend continues, it is anticipated accommodate 13 000 riders in September,” said President Bernard Arsenault. “This craze is evident everywhere on the planet. Last year, we received amateurs from 29 countries. ”

The popularity of running is being felt in the shops: the shoe department is always crowded! “Based on our sales figures, growth was never as important as this spring. Something happened, but what? “Wonders Gilles Labre, founder of the Running Store, which opened in 1981. Sales rose 20% compared to previous years. “It’s huge for a store that long ride.”
The fairer sex is for something, note the people in the community. “There are more women running, note François Lecot. This is the case in Ontario in recent years. The phenomenon finally reached Quebec. Women are also likely than men to participate in courses. They are the majority on the same short distance. ”

The marathon is still a matter of men. “Because women still take care of more children and household chores. They have less time for training “, requires Ducot François.

According to the schedule, not less than 175 races are held in 2009 in Quebec. Unheard of. “It snowballed. The competition is open to all, says Bernard Arsenault, the Marathon Oasis de Montréal. Before, there was nothing more than marathons. The race, in terms of mass events, was reserved for the elite. “Even young children are involved. The small marathon Radio-Canada (1 km) was small across the province. “The fall is here,” says Arsenault.

A fad? It is not known. “After the boom of the 80s, there was a dip in the 90 years, said François Lecot. The difference today is that the prospect of physical activity in general has changed and people are more concerned about their health. Governments and businesses as well. This benefit may be in the race long term. ”

“Because we train better and that shoes are better, you can run for many years. It becomes a lifestyle, “says Stéphane Lachapelle. “There is now for fun, couple, family, friends,” says Bernard Arsenault. There is also to travel. Riders are globe-trotters. Only to run the clock, it’s over

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