Leadership Of Employees

Leadership of employees takes place at different levels

Provide your employees with tasks they can perform, ie for which they are qualified.
Ask your employees for the necessary upskilling secure.
Give your employees and their social skills to develop and improve.
People are different: There are people (Type A) which is a defined mission area need clear work instructions. Then there are employees (Type B), which functions like search and edit their own initiative. On both, you should guide your behavior. Enter employees of type A, only a roughly defined structure of what to do, so it could mean that you are overworked, but mind you not on the technical skills, but also in terms of non-existing framework. By the same token, an employee of type B in the long term, frustrating, if you restrict their own initiative.

Employees to lead is also to be modeled. From your staff, you can use the observance of the rules only expect if you keep it even.

Be self-critical and allow your employees to critical. How can conflicts rather avoided.
People need different kinds of motivation: There are people who develop a pay system for their work motivation. Others need for a motivated work a good working climate. Still others are by the challenge to them the daily work provides motivated. And finally there are people who through a mixture of these incentives can motivate.
Today’s economic conditions require a manager’s ability to create a network of cooperative relations between all people, groups and organizations to make to the success of the company.

Founder In the discussions on leadership styles are cooperation skills, team spirit, social skills and responsiveness to employees especially female executives attributed. Get in the conduct of your employees from less well-intentioned advice guide, but you will find the proper form, in consultation with the leaders to employees.

If you are your own, in the tension between work and private work-based lives consciously reflect on, you should address the differential of your employees succeed. Your knowledge about the dual responsibility of women to organize their work and the related permanent ambivalence, for two areas of life to be responsible, you should be responsible for the fulfillment of your leadership role required sensitivity easier. In light of recent findings about the growing interest in particular of younger and highly skilled men on togetherness with their children, it is likely that this sensitivity also to the management of your male employees a positive effect.

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