Personality Development

The development of the personality  РPersonality Development

Personality is rarely at the outset that it will be later. That is why it has, at least in the first half of life, the ability to grow or change. This can be achieved by an increase came from outside, receiving life from the outside and treating a flow of new content. Growth personality knows that in this manner may be of paramount importance.
Therefore we assume that this extension volontiers can only come from outside, and it is based over the mistaken notion that to become a personality you have to cram as much as we can what comes from outside.

Or read more on this recipe, the more we think that an increase from the outside and it becomes more inwardly. Accordingly, when a great idea coming from outside is necessary to us, we must understand that it takes us that because there is something in us that goes to meet him and that goes with it. It is the availability of capital that makes the mental wealth, not the accumulation of hunting trophies.

Everything that comes from outside, as well as anything that emerges in-depth, in fact, becomes our own only if we are able to develop an interior space large enough to receive in all their grandeur content that come from outside or inside. The real growth of the individual, access to the consciousness of an internal flow which pushes the boundaries of personality.

Without this level of the soul, the object will always be too big for us. That is why we say with reason that human beings think with the magnitude of his task. But he must have in him a capacity to grow, if not the most difficult even to do nothing. It is all over the reef on which it is broken.

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