How to make a presentation

Course PowerPoint 2007 – how to make a presentation?

PowerPoint is useful both in school, in college and in professional work. Increasingly, because our job is uttering public presentations using slides.

This is the first part of the course PowerPoint 2007. Links below are two further parts:

We start the presentation and insert slides
Modify the look of inline images and text boxes
How to modify the appearance of the whole presentation?
We use the slide master
SmartArt diagrams used
Transitions and animations
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The course will learn the knowledge necessary when using the new editing program to create presentations. But first we look at the most important differences between the old PowerPoint 2003 and its new version.

Does the new PowerPoint is easy to use?

The most striking change over previous versions is a new way of operating. It uses a menu called the Ribbon toolbar. If hard for us to find the right command, refer to the instruction PowerPoint 2007.

As the new PowerPoint quickly find the option from the previous version?

On the find manual PowerPoint 2007 – an interactive guide for users of PowerPoint 2003, who have trouble mastering the new version. When you start just in a natural way, as if we used the PowerPoint 2003 menu, point to a search command, for example, Insert a new slide, as shown below.

The program immediately displays information on how to do the same thing in the 2007 version, and then displays it on screen.

What else is new introduced in PowerPoint 2007?

In addition to the new menu offers us PowerPoint SmartArt graphic – it’s very useful for presentations of various types of schemes that we can shape and fill. New features also include an additional slide layouts and themes quick and styles – features that make it easy to create smart-looking show.

What determines the success of your presentation?

By creating a presentation, remember to ensuring the appropriate visual setting. It is worth adding a little color to your slides and animations, while important to not overdo this. For example, transitions between slides should be the same throughout the presentation. We should also remember that the text on the screen was visible to all. It is unacceptable to inconsistent formatting, such as overuse of different fonts. At present we do not read the slide, but it tells us what’s on them. They should illustrate and summarize what we have to say.

We use PowerPoint 2007

With the PC World will learn how to create a new presentation from the beginning how to use the themes and styles, backgrounds, add, delete and sort slides. After reading the course you will know how to insert pictures and how to modify the appearance and image fields using Quick Styles and Effects shapes. We will also, what does the slide master, and how to create animations and transitions between slides.

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