How to modify the appearance of the whole presentation

How to modify the appearance of the whole presentation?

PowerPoint 2007 allows you to quickly change the appearance of the entire presentation.

Previous part of the Course PowerPoint 2007: modifying the appearance of the inserted images and text boxes.

1st Click on the bookmark project.

Its central part of the deal motives. We remember them from the previous page, where we started creating our presentation. Clicking on any of the thumbnails, you can give a new theme throughout our presentation. To see more themes, click on the arrow in the lower right corner.

2nd In addition to the theme of our presentation, we can assign different styles of backgrounds. Just click on the Background Styles dropdown list, and we’ll see colored rectangles that represent the colors of backgrounds. They will vary depending on the currently selected theme. Changing the background, like the theme affects all slides in our presentation.

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