Modify the look of inline images and text boxes

Modify the look of inline images and text boxes

The content of our presentations are the most common text and graphics. You should know how to put on a slide and more attractive visually.

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1st If you want to enter text on a slide in a place where there is no provided to the frame, so the frame can create yourself. To do this, click on the Insert tab and click Text Box. Then we draw a text frame on the slide and enter text inside it.

2nd Picture in your presentation, you can put in two ways. The first one is to click on the image icon in the windows of some types of slides (the icon with the landscape in the lower left of the illustration below).

We can also click on the image on the Insert tab, select the graphics, designed to insert and click Insert.

3rd Immediately after you insert the image on the Ribbon will see a new tab (highlighted below pink color).

Using the Picture Styles drop-down list, we can give wstawionemu image a new look.

4th Both created by our text field, and we can give wstawionemu obrazkowi special style. To this end, a tab located on the Home button Quick Styles. After clicking on it will see a list of Quick Styles.

To give a quick style, choose a thumbnail with a single click. Here is an example of the effect.

5th In addition to the Quick Styles to this object (text box, picture or table for example) we can apply effects to shapes. Just when you select to choose one of the effects.

Click for example on Shape Effects, Reflection and Tight reflection of contact.

Here is the result.

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