Power point transitions and animations

transitions and animations

Not all information on a single slide should appear at the same time.

Previous part of the course PowerPoint 2007: The use SmartArt diagrams.

Both the individual elements of the schema developed by us (in the part we use SmartArt diagrams) and even individual lines of text can appear one after another, with every mouse click made by the presenter.

1st We select the SmartArt graphic and click on the Animations tab. We develop a list of visible in the picture below.

2nd Available on it are different ways of animation. In the example we choose successively Computer World.

3rd If we wanted to successive lines of text to appear gradually after selecting the text box and click on the animation from the list, for example paragraphs, select the first level.

4th Our presentation can also revive the transition effects between slides.

To add it to our slide show, choose one of the effects of the list on the Animations tab.

When you click on the down arrow on the right side will see a list of more options. Then click on the button Apply to All to the same transition was used between each slide in your presentation.

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