Use the slide master

Use the slide master

Good presentation is often on each slide, the same recurring theme. This may be the presenter’s name, company logo, which he represents, or a graphic illustrating the theme about the presentation.

Previous part of the Course Powerpoint 2007: how to modify the appearance of the entire presentation.

Instead of laboriously enter the same item on each slide presentation, we can do it once – the so-called slide master.

1st Click on the View tab, and then click Slide Master. The screen will show thumbnails of the slide on which you can edit the various elements of the standard style of presentation, such as slide text, title or subtitle.

2nd To insert your logo on the slide master, click on the first, the biggest slide in and clicking on the Insert tab, insert a picture, just as we did in the second tip on the previous page – click on the image.

Click to select the image to insert and click on Insert. Then reduce the image to size and place it with the edge of the slide. We can give it a style of image effects, such as a shadow.

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