We use a SmartArt diagrams

We use a SmartArt diagrams

SmartArt, which in free translation intelligent patterns, is new in PowerPoint 2007. Let’s find out how to use them.

Previous part of the course PowerPoint 2007: use the slide master.

1st Click on the Insert tab and click SmartArt. On the screen appears allowing you to select the SmartArt graphic.

2nd In our example, click on the Report, select the SmartArt Radial coincide and click on OK.

On the slide shows are chosen by our scheme.

In the field we enter text. SmartArt, however, allows for much more. When you click on the arrow on the left bank of the slide appears on the screen menu.

3rd It allows you to add new schema elements. After editing, our slide might look like as below.

4th Click on the picture to the screen a SmartArt Tools tab.

Using the tools are there, we can easily change the look of the diagram. For example, PC World modify his style, adding three-dimensional effect. To do this, choose a style from the drop-down list SmartArt Styles, and then if you want a color from the list opposite. Our radial coincides SmartArt diagram, for example, may look like this:

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